Brand CHOUX — multilayer, oversize and color.

The idea of creating a multi-brand came to Victoria Moldavskaya in 2021 during the search for the perfect basic clothing. CHOUX went further and created a line of basic clothing with unusual elements: an interesting cut, color, fit. All graphic elements ((((((()))))))) the brands illustrate the multilayer similar to CHOUX, which means "cabbage" in French. Here you can find any layer of your wardrobe: 1 layer - t-shirt, 2 layer - sweater, 3 layer - jacket, 4 layer - coat.

The brand will gather not only the drops of its collections, but also foreign brands under one roof. But that's not all! In our concept store there is a coffee house, with the same dessert choux mentioned in the name, and unusual variations of all kinds of green cakes.

We are happy to see you at the address: Chistoprudny Boulevard, 21